Are you interested in breast augmentation surgery, but confused by which breast implant profile you should select for the most natural-looking results?

We can help! Take a look at the type of breast implant profiles available, including how to tell which profile shape is right for you.

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The 4 Most Common Types of Breast Implants

1. Low profile. 

Low profile implants have a wider base and minimal projection, meaning they’re a good choice for patients who want to improve breast symmetry issues, but may not want dramatic projection. Low profile implants are typically recommended for women who have wide chests; otherwise, we typically don’t use low profile implants on our patients.

2. Moderate profile. 

Moderate profile implants tend to be the most popular implant choice, as this represents a good compromise for patients who want to increase their bust size without looking “overly done” or unnatural. A moderate profile implant has more projection than a low profile implant; additionally, it has a smaller base, making it a good fit for patients with average chest widths.

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Some implants are categorized as a “moderate plus” implant. This type of implant offers more projection than the moderate implant but is still smaller than the high profile implant. This implant is a good choice for patients who are looking for more cleavage and volume.

3. High profile.

If you’re looking for dramatic, immediately noticeable results, you may be a good candidate for high profile implants. These implants feature a narrower base than both low profile and moderate profile implants. Additionally, the projection is much higher than low and moderate implant profiles, which is ideal for candidates who want fuller and rounder-looking breasts.

High profile implants may also be a good choice for patients who are naturally petite or have narrow chests. Don’t worry; natural-looking results can still be achieved with these implants!

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