Cosmetic Surgery Consultation


Goals for Your Consultation with Dr. Greenberg

Your consultation with Dr. Greenberg, not an intermediary, is designed to:

  • Discuss your cosmetic surgery goals and expectations
  • Review your medical history and determine whether you are a good candidate for surgery
  • Learn about the different surgical and non-surgical techniques available
  • Understand the results you can reasonably expect after your cosmetic surgery procedure

In collaboration with Dr. Greenberg, you will be able to choose a particular cosmetic surgery technique that will best achieve your goals. Additional cosmetic surgery procedures may be recommended if it is felt they may enhance your results.

Answering Your Questions about Surgery, Risks, and Recovery

A thorough discussion of the risks and potential complications also takes place during the cosmetic surgery consultation. These are relatively rare and should not deter a well-motivated candidate for cosmetic surgery. If promptly recognized and properly managed, complications should not affect final results.

Dr. Greenberg will also answer your questions about post-operative care and expected recovery, including the resumption of normal activities and your return to work and exercise in order to assist you in your planning for scheduling your surgery and recovery.

Feel free to ask any questions of Dr. Greenberg and his staff. Well-meaning friends may not be a source of accurate information. There is no substitute for a comprehensive cosmetic surgery consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to give you a clear understanding of the cosmetic surgery procedure and what you may realistically expect as a result.

Making an informed decision after a consultation with an experienced, properly credentialed plastic surgeon will not only increase your confidence in your choice but also allow for the greatest degree of success and patient satisfaction.

Cosmetic Surgery Costs

The fees for a surgical procedure include a surgeon’s fee, surgical facility fee, and anesthesia fee. Additional expenses may be specific laboratory tests, if necessary, and post-operative medications.

We will discuss the details of your plastic surgery fees and payment options with you. Consultations are complimentary for breast augmentation patients.

Take the Next Step

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Scott A. Greenberg at Winter Park Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Winter Park, FL (serving the Central Florida area). 407-644-3137

*Individual results may vary