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What is TouchMD?

TouchMD is an online portal that allows patients to log in and view videos, services, galleries and personalized images relating to a procedure. The goal is to give you visuals for learning about procedures right from your home. Patients can even review their consultation in TouchMD as well.

TouchMD Stat is an app that you can download onto your mobile device for even further convenience!

How to Access TouchMD

Patients who wish to sign up for and take advantage of the services and benefits of TouchMD will need to call our office first to get a registration code. Patients can call our office at (407) 644-3137 for a unique registration code.

  • Log in by going to into your web browser. From there, you will enter your email and password.
  • Download the TouchMD Stat app on your mobile device.

Benefits of

  • Learn about Dr. Greenberg, the Winter Park Plastic Surgery Staff, and our facilities.
  • Scroll through topic videos about certain procedures or conditions.
  • Access and print any images or documents saved from your consultation or recent office visit.
  • Notify our Staff about interest in services or products that we offer.
  • Share before & after photos with friends and family!

Utilizing TouchMD software, Dr. Greenberg and the Staff at Winter Park Plastic Surgery strive for patient education, convenience, and high-quality care in every aspect of our relationship.

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