Post-Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, you may have noticed that some of your skin hasn’t kept up with your significant weight loss. In that case, you may need post-weight loss surgery to ensure that your skin doesn’t prevent you from showing off your incredible results.

What is Post-Weight Loss Surgery?

Body contouring patients end up with firmer skin, a flatter belly, a more defined waist, lifted outer thighs and higher buttocks. This procedure can result in dramatic body changes that can significantly improve self-esteem and body image. A variety of body contouring procedures are available, depending on your priority. A key to understanding these procedures to contour the trunk is to understand that the weight loss and resulting excess skin is circumferential occurring on the abdomen (front), flanks and outer thighs (sides) and buttocks (back).

Candidates for Post-Weight Loss Surgery

For patients who have lost significant weight, it is best to wait to pursue this kind of surgery until the maximum weight loss goal has been reached and the goal weight has been maintained and stable for at least three to six months. All candidates should be healthy nonsmokers with realistic expectations for this procedure.

How Does It Work?

Body contouring surgery involves removing the excess skin that’s hanging from the body after significant weight loss. This surgery can take about 1-3 hours to perform, depending on the amount of excess skin present. All body contouring surgery is performed in our accredited outpatient facility.


Results can be seen right away, although you won’t be able to see final results until about six months after the procedure.


After your surgical procedure, you’ll need to spend time at home recovering from treatment. You’ll be able to return to work after about a week, and you can resume a normal exercise routine about three to four weeks after surgery. Dr. Greenberg will provide you with a personalized recovery plan before your procedure.

Take the Next Step

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*Individual results may vary