Most of the time, we barely notice other people’s ears. For some people, though, these normally unobtrusive features are too large or protrude from the head too much. Ear surgery corrects the appearance of the ears for adults or children, restoring confidence and, especially for children and teenagers, preventing social issues.

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*Individual Results May Vary

What is Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?

Otoplasty is a type of ear surgery that restores a more normal, unnoticeable appearance to protruding or large ears. Ear surgery differs from other types of cosmetic surgeries in several ways. It is one of the only procedures normally performed on children, and instead of making a feature more aesthetically pleasing, it makes your ears harder to notice. This procedure can make you less self-conscious or prevent your child from teasing by peers. 

How is Ear Surgery Performed?

Dr. Greenberg usually uses local anesthesia with sedation for adults and general anesthesia for children. Procedures may be performed in our accredited surgical center or a hospital setting. Ears are made of a stiff but flexible material called cartilage. Dr. Greenberg will reshape this cartilage to achieve more proportionate, less visible ears. Cartilage may be removed from the back of the ear in order to make the ear lay flatter against the head. The details of your procedure will vary depending on your concerns.

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What to Expect After Ear Surgery


You or your child may experience some swelling and bruising in the area after surgery. A dressing will be worn for five days to protect your ears, followed by a lighter compression headband you will wear for one to two weeks while at home. Most people can return to work after a week, and Dr. Greenberg will give his approval for resuming strenuous activities. 

Because younger children may not understand the importance of not touching or interfering with their dressing, you may need to monitor them to prevent them from disrupting the surgical area for the first few days. 


You will notice a difference in your ears as soon as the dressing is removed. However, swelling may affect the appearance of your results for several weeks. Cartilage takes time to settle into its new position, so your results may continue to evolve for a few months. Once repositioned, your ears will stay in place, no longer drawing unwanted attention. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery may be appropriate for healthy adults and children. All candidates should be in good health. Children should be at least five years old since the ears have reached their adult proportions at that age. Having otoplasty at a young age helps children avoid the teasing and even bullying that often occur when children have different-looking features. Teenagers and adults are also good candidates and can enjoy the benefits.

Dr Greenberg And Staff are Great!! He listens to your preferences and explains procedure in detail from start to finish. I am So pleased with my results.!! Very professional and reassuring. Couldn’t have made a better choice!

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*Individual results may vary