Blepharoplasty is a surgical technique designed to change the shape and appearance of your eyelids and areas around your eyes. It’s a great way to combat the early signs of aging – such as bagginess around the eyes – and give you a more youthful look. It’s particularly good for people who have a perpetually “tired” expression (even after getting a good night’s sleep).

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About Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty – also called eyelid surgery – can take several forms, depending on your needs. Dr. Scott Greenberg removes excess skin, fat, and muscle to repair droopy eyelids and bagginess. He may also tighten the bottom eyelid to help it sit higher on the eyeball and reduce eye bags. 

Blepharoplasties aren’t purely cosmetic procedures. Sometimes, the skin above the eye can sag so much that it makes it hard to see objects to the left and right. Therefore, patients can also use eyelid surgery to improve peripheral vision

What is Recovery from Blepharoplasty Like?

Because blepharoplasty is a surgical intervention, getting recovery right is critical.

Immediately after surgery at Winter Park Plastic Surgery, you’ll go to a recovery room where Dr. Greenberg and the team will monitor you for complications. Then, after about an hour or two, you’ll be free to go home and recuperate. 

During your recovery, you may experience temporary changes in your sight, including light sensitivity, double vision, and watering eyes. These changes are normal and part of the standard recovery process. 

While at home, you’ll need to take action to ensure that healing proceeds uninterrupted. Dr. Greenberg may recommend that you place ice packs on your eyes every ten minutes or so after surgery to reduce swelling. You may also need to use ice packs throughout the day. 

You should also avoid rubbing your eyes or doing any heavy lifting, as this could impair the healing process. When you sleep, you should do so with your head raised above your chest. Elevating the eyes helps with fluid drainage and combats inflammation.

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Benefits of Blepharoplasty

The benefits of getting a blepharoplasty at Winter Park Plastic Surgery are considerable.

  • Reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes: Lower eyelid lifts can resolve excess skin bagginess under the eyes, giving you a brighter, fresher look. 
  • Remove excess skin on upper eyelids: Droopy upper eyelids not only make you look tired, but they can also affect your peripheral vision. An upper eyelid lift deals with both of these problems at the same time. 
  • Get rid of excess skin on the lower eyelid: Lower eyelid lifts can help the lower eyelid sit higher on the eyeball. 
  • Use alongside other types of surgery: You can use blepharoplasty in combination with brow lifts, facelifts, and laser skin resurfacing

Am I a Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

If you have excess skin around the eyes, then you could be a great candidate for a blepharoplasty. Ideally, you should be a healthy, non-smoking individual who does not have a condition that impairs wound healing. 

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