BBL™, or broadband light treatments, are a popular way to improve skin quality, reduce redness, and fight wrinkles. However, you can now get a next-gen broadband light-based treatment from Dr. Greenberg and the team at Winter Park Plastic Surgery called BBL™ HERO. It’s faster, more powerful, and more comfortable than previous generations. 

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What is BroadBand Light?

Broadband light or BBL™ is a treatment originally developed to reverse sun damage, break up pigmentation in the skin, and make one’s skin complexion look younger. It works by pulsing intense beams of light over the skin to stress it at the cellular level, encouraging cells to behave more youthfully. 

By activating the skin’s latent rejuvenation potential, BBL™ can treat a huge variety of conditions. These include scars left over by acne, hyperpigmentation, red facial spider veins, UV damage, and rosacea. 


You can think of BBL™ HERO as a next-generation version of intense pulsed light treatment. HERO – which stands for “high energy rapid output” – improves the performance of traditional BBL™, making it faster, more powerful, and cooler for comfort.

BBL™ HERO, just like other broadband light treatments, can address a wide variety of skin conditions (including those mentioned above). It can also improve the skin’s general appearance because it heats all layers of the skin, provoking new cell growth and renewal. Importantly, BBL™ HERO does not require the controlled injury of ablative lasers, minimizing recovery time and the number of sessions. 

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Benefits of BBL™ HERO

Getting BBL™ HERO with Dr. Greenberg and the team at Winter Park Plastic Surgery offers a host of benefits.

  • Treat a variety of skin conditions: You can use BBL™ HERO to treat a massive range of skin conditions: everything from wrinkles and fine lines to spider veins and rosacea. 
  • Up to 4x faster than traditional BBL™: BBL™ HERO delivers treatment up to four times faster than traditional methods, allowing you to get in and out of the clinic in record time. 
  • Up to 3x the power of traditional BBL™: Sciton – the company that makes BBL™ HERO, has proven that the new approach offers up to three times the power of last-gen procedures. Thus, the results that you can achieve after several sessions can be spectacular. 
  • Up to 2x the cooling power of traditional BBL™: BBL™ HERO features new cooling technology that prevents the broadband light from delivering too much heat to the dermis. Increased pigment-busting energy means that clients spend less time in the treatment room. 

Am I a Candidate for BBL™ Treatments?

BBL™ HERO is a light-based therapy and, therefore, safe for practically all patients. Ideal candidates for the treatment at Winter Park Plastic Surgery include: 

  • Patients who want to look more youthful
  • Patients with high levels of pigmentation on their face, neck, and chest
  • Patients with spider veins and rosacea on the cheeks and nose
  • Patients with acne scars that don’t want to fade

Dr Greenberg And Staff are Great!! He listens to your preferences and explains procedure in detail from start to finish. I am So pleased with my results.!! Very professional and reassuring. Couldn’t have made a better choice!

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