If you have acne scars, you may feel just as frustrated with your skin as you did when you had acne breakouts. That’s why we’re here to tell you the best laser for acne scar reduction and removal, so you can enjoy the glowing, clear skin you deserve!

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Profractional Laser Peel Winter Park

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The Best Treatments for Acne Scar Reduction and Removal

Good news: There’s more than one treatment that can help you get clear, scar-free skin; the one that’s right for you will largely depend on the type of acne scars you have, as well as when you’d like to see results.

Here are the two treatments we recommend for acne scar reduction and removal, including one laser that’s excellent for getting clear skin faster:

1. ProFractional Laser Treatments.

This laser treatment is an excellent choice for candidates who have acne scars, as this procedure essentially resurfaces the skin to help new and unscarred skin come to the surface. The ProFractional laser treatment has helped many patients fade away the appearance of acne scars, making it one of our more popular acne scar reduction options.

A ProFractional laser treatment takes about 45 minutes to perform; some patients may experience discomfort, as the laser resurfacing effect tends to create a strong warming sensation. Most candidates will need about three to six treatments (spaced about four weeks apart) to see the results.

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2. Blue Light Treatments

If laser skin resurfacing isn’t your thing, a Blue Light treatment may help get rid of existing breakouts, as well as fade the appearance of previous acne scars. Blue Light treatments effectively kill acne-causing bacteria, giving your skin the chance to heal and breathe.

A Blue Light treatment takes about 30 minutes to perform, during which time a device with a bacteria-killing blue light will be passed over the skin’s surface. You may need about five treatments to see a significant reduction in acne breakouts and scarring.

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