Interested in breast augmentation surgery, but not sure how much you’ll end up spending on your procedure? Not to worry, we’ve got the details you’re looking for. Take a look at the four things that end up having the biggest influence on your final breast augmentation price tag.

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4 Major Factors That Go Into Your Final Breast Augmentation Cost

1. Your city’s cost-of-living index.

Unfortunately, where you live can have a big influence on the final cost of your breast augmentation procedure, especially if you live in a city with a high cost-of-living index. 

The reason: your plastic surgeon may need to charge more to make up for the expense of running a practice in an expensive region.

2. Your plastic surgeon’s experience.

You’ll definitely want to find an experienced plastic surgeon to perform your surgery, as his or her expertise can make all the difference in delivering the results you’re looking for. During your consultation, ask to see your plastic surgeon’s portfolio of similar breast augmentation surgeries. This way, you can get a better idea of the results you can expect from your own surgery.

Important note: Don’t opt for a less experienced plastic surgeon just to save a few dollars. You may save money in the short term, but if you don’t get the results you want (which is likely), you’ll end up spending more trying to fix the outcome from your first surgery.

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3. Surgical fees.

The costs of general anesthesia and surgical center fees are an essential part of your breast augmentation procedure. These costs are usually tacked on to the final cost of your surgery.

4. The type of implants you want.

Finally, the type of implants you opt for can play a role in determining your final breast augmentation costs. From gummy bear implants to silicone teardrop-shaped implants with a warranty, expect your implant selection to be reflected in the procedure’s price tag. 

No matter who you choose for your procedure, make sure you ask what’s included in your surgery costs. At Winter Park Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, we include the bra needed for the first week after surgery, all follow-up visits including annual follow-up visits for life, herbal medications to help control bruising and swelling, a silicone gel scar treatment to help incisions heal better, and necessary lab work.

I had my Breast augmentation with Dr Greenberg 4 years ago and I’m very happy with the results. Until these day my breasts look amazing and even better. I got the natural look that I was looking for.
I would definitely recommend this doctor and I would be doing more surgeries with him again.

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