Breast reduction surgery helps address a variety of problems that can come with having large breasts. The reasons women get a breast reduction vary based on medical and cosmetic concerns.

Breast Reduction Winter Park

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Breast Reduction Overview

Many women choose to get a breast reduction for cosmetic as well as for medical reasons. Overly large breasts mean your frame has to carry the extra weight, which can cause physical problems over time. And sometimes, women want smaller breasts as a personal preference.

At Winter Park Plastic Surgery, we can help you decide if a breast reduction is the best procedure to help you meet your aesthetic goals. 

Top 5 Reasons Women Choose a Breast Reduction

1. Neck and/or Back Pain 

The excess weight of large breasts can cause neck and back pain, numbness, and also lead to bad posture. Reducing the amount of weight a woman carries on her chest can significantly improve chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.

2. Trouble Sleeping

Large breasts can lead to difficulty finding a comfortable position for sleeping. Sleeping on one’s back or side can feel as if there is a large weight on your chest, and many individuals with large breasts find themselves struggling for a good night’s rest. 

3. Hard to Find Clothing 

Many women find that it is difficult to find clothing due to their large breasts. Well-fitting shirts, dresses, and button-ups can be hard to find when you have a large chest. Breast reduction can open the limits to your wardrobe, leading to a more confident and stylish you!

4. Movement 

Large breasts can limit your ability to move, exercise, or even live an active lifestyle without pain. Many women find it difficult to wear a sports bra for extended periods of time, and the extra weight can make workouts much more difficult. 

5. Unwanted Attention 

Overly large breasts can draw unwanted attention that can be hurtful. Getting a breast reduction can help boost your confidence and lead to higher self esteem.,

Breast Reduction Consultations Available

What Is Breast Reduction Like?

A breast reduction procedure, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, entails removing breast tissue and skin to reduce and reshape the breasts. Dr. Scott Greenberg holds a board certification in plastic surgery, with the training and experience needed to not only reduce your breasts but reshape them to improve their appearance. 

Recovery time for a reduction mammoplasty typically takes from two to six weeks, and you’ll likely need to take ten days to two weeks off from work immediately after the procedure. Any visible scarring will fade over the following months.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

When done by an experienced surgeon, a breast reduction can improve your life in many ways:

  • Reduction in pain
  • Confidence boost
  • No limitations on your range of activities
  • Breasts look firmer and more youthful
  • Breasts are more symmetrical

Additionally, any excess fat and tissue removed from the breast region stays gone, so the results are permanent. However, keep in mind that hormonal changes and marked changes in weight (including pregnancy) can alter your results over time.

The average cost of a breast reduction procedure runs around $5,475. However, this price can vary depending on various factors, such as location, testing needs, post-op garments, surgery fees, and anesthetic fees.

It’s worth mentioning that the results you see from a breast reduction depend heavily on your plastic surgeon’s training, experience, and abilities. Dr. Scott Greenberg has the level of expertise needed to produce the quality of results you expect and also takes the time to ensure his patients have a thorough understanding of the procedure and what to expect along the way.

“I have been a patient of Doctor Greenberg since 2003. I have had minor facial surgery along with fillers and Botox and have always been pleased with results. The staff are professional and caring and always make me feel like family. Great practice!” *


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