Tummy tucks are surgical procedures designed to enhance the appearance of your abdominal region. They’re particularly popular among people who have lost a lot of weight or have gone through pregnancy

Figuring out whether you’re a candidate for a tummy tuck, though, isn’t always clear-cut. In this post, we discuss what a tummy tuck is and whether you’re the right type of person to undergo the procedure. 

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What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck – also called an abdominoplasty – is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal region while simultaneously tightening and repairing the surrounding muscles.

There are several different types of tummy tucks. But in the most common one, Dr. Greenberg makes an incision that runs from one hip to the other and uses this to remove extra skin and fat. He may also take the opportunity to repair damaged fascias or muscles. At the end of the operation, he sutures the skin back together, completing your abdominals’ new look. 

Who are the Best Candidates for Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a major surgical intervention that often requires the removal of a considerable volume of tissue. Therefore, candidates need to prepare mentally and physically in advance. 

Realistic Expectations

Dr. Greenberg’s tummy tuck patients should have realistic expectations for what the treatment can achieve. While it is a highly effective procedure, the results depend on the current condition of your skin and underlying musculature. A tummy tuck can reduce the amount that your stomach hangs over the hips, but it cannot improve the quality of the skin directly. 

Healthy, Non-Smoking

Patients looking for tummy tucks should be healthy, have no life-threatening conditions, and be non-smokers. Not smoking is important because it improves the rate at which you heal. Smoking can lead to post-surgical complications. 

Commitment to Recovery

A tummy tuck is a major operation, often requiring the removal of several pounds of tissue. For this reason, recovery is a crucial step in obtaining the best results. 

Because of this, candidates must commit themselves to their recovery. While the operation physically removes unwanted tissue, recovery is arguably where the magic happens. In the days and weeks following surgery, the body’s healing processes are fundamentally what allows it to take on its new form. 

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Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Patients who come to Winter Park Plastic Surgery for tummy tucks can expect a host of benefits.

  • Reduced sagging: The skin on the stomach can begin to sag after profound weight loss or pregnancy. Abdominoplasty removes excess skin, helping to give you the aesthetics you want.
  • Strengthened core: Tummy tucks aren’t just cosmetic procedures, they can also improve your health, such as strengthening your core and making it less likely you will get a hernia. They can also relieve the stress of urinary incontinence and give you more control over bodily functions.
  • More definition: Tummy tuck procedures can remove up to 10 pounds of excess fat and tissue, making your stomach area appear more defined. 

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