Interested in rhinoplasty surgery, but want to know how you can have a speedy recovery? 

Take a look at our five tips on how to achieve your best rhinoplasty recovery, both physically and emotionally.

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5 Ways to Have a Happy and Healthy Nose Job Recovery

1. Plan for the first day as much as possible.

Immediately after your nose job, you’re going to feel groggy, uncomfortable, and out of it. That’s why you should prepare for that first day ahead of time as much as possible.

Arrange for a family member to pick you up from the surgical site. You should also have a plan for what you’ll eat that day (hint: make meals before your surgery). You should also prepare a space for recovery that you can sink into as soon as you’re home, like your bedroom or a recliner in the family room.

2. Prepare your family or roommates for your recovery.

During the first week of rhinoplasty recovery, it’s likely you’ll need to hold off on any household activities or roles that could expose your nose to accidental injury. That’s why it’s worth having a conversation with any members of your household to let them know what to expect during the first week of your recovery.

3. Give yourself permission to rest.

Don’t force yourself to go back to work or your normal routine before you’re ready. Listen to your body here – if you need more time to recover, you should take that time!

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4. Go to all of your follow-up appointments.

Follow-up appointments are a critical part of your plastic surgeon’s ability to measure how your recovery is progressing. Don’t skip these appointments – they’re vital to a healthy and happy nose job recovery!

5. Don’t expect immediate results.

Part of having a happy recovery means mentally preparing yourself for the bruising and swelling that happens after surgery. Once your bandages and stitches are removed, don’t despair if your new nose isn’t exactly the way you want it. Those final rhinoplasty results will come in a few months!

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