These days, it seems as though there are multiple types of liposuction surgeries available to patients. Two of the most popular options – traditional lipo and laser lipo – feature very different downtimes, which is why patients often have the following question:

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“Does laser lipo have less downtime than traditional lipo?”

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Laser Lipo Downtime vs. Traditional Lipo Downtime

While every patient is different, laser lipo downtime is typically a lot faster than with traditional liposuction. In general, patients usually need about eight weeks to recover from liposuction, with minor swelling still present up to month six. 

Patients who have laser liposuction are able to return to work faster (usually within three to five days) and see final results within two months.

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Why There’s Less Downtime with Laser Lipo

Once patients learn about the downtime associated with laser lipo, they’re want to learn why it works out that way. What is it about laser liposuction that makes it easier to recover from the surgery? And why isn’t it the same as with traditional liposuction?

To explain the difference, let’s first look at how traditional liposuction works. Once the surgical incision is made, the plastic surgeon feeds the cannula through the opening and uses it to manually break up the fat. This process can cause a lot of damage, as your surgeon is essentially breaking up fat tissue and blood vessels. At the end of manual liposuction, there’s a large amount of swelling and bruising present, which contributes to a longer recovery period.

With laser lipo, on the other hand, laser heat energy is used to liquefy the fat. Rather than using the cannula to manually break up the fat tissue, the cannula delivers laser heat energy, which targets the fat better and liquefies it for easier removal. That means there’s less swelling and bruising, so you don’t have to spend as much time recovering.

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