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Patient safety and great results for cosmetic surgery go hand in hand because they both rest on the same foundations:  the clinical skill and training of the plastic surgeon, and a properly-equipped facility. 

Dr. Scott A. Greenberg is an internationally-trained and board certified plastic surgeon.  With medical training, residencies, and fellowships in New Orleans, Boston, Norfolk, Virginia, Akron, Ohio, and Israel, Dr. Greenberg has amassed the medical knowledge necessary to give you the best possible care and results.  He is a respected cosmetic surgeon, a clinical instructor, lecturer, and published author of scientific articles.

Procedures are performed in our accredited surgical facility staffed by our fully-trained and certified staff.  If necessary or requested by you, we can also perform your procedure at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, directly adjacent to our suite.

Don't sacrifice quality or safety in your cosmetic surgery.  You have just one body:  entrust it only to a person with the skill a nd training necessary to guarantee the highest likelihood of great results and the lowest possible risk. If you are interested in breast augmentation or any cosmetic surgery procedure, please contact Orlando Florida Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott A. Greenberg today for an initial consultation.

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