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RayAnna Rogers, LMA, Winter Park

RayAnna Rogers, LMA

RayAnna Rogers works in our practice as a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and licensed electrologist.  She has significant experience in cosmetic skin care, and non-invasive facial rejuvenation. She has been trained by several highly respected ambassadors in the aesthetic industry.   RayAnna is dedicated to improving our patients’ overall appearance and thrives on making people feel more confident as a result.

Her extensive knowledge of skin care products and procedures lends to amazing treatment results.  She is passionate about skin care and helping our patients achieve superior results.  By combining her extensive background in clinical ingredients, together with the latest technical advances, she is able to personalize a successful, custom regimen for every patient.  With a wealth of experience, you can rely on RayAnna to deliver personalized, consistent and visible results. Her sweet and sincere disposition coupled with great results and compassion are a winning combination!

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