Lip Enhancement

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Larger, more sumptuous lips have become an increasing desire for many people. A variety of materials may be used for lip augmentation, each with advantages and disadvantages. These include injectable materials, implantable materials, and permanent implantable synthetic materials.

Lip Enhancement Consultation

before and after lip augmentation
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Dr. Greenberg will discuss your goals and expectations about lip enhancement. The different available materials will be reviewed and the most appropriate method will be recommended to achieve your goals. We encourage patients to review common questions about lip augmentations before meeting with Dr. Scott Greenberg for their personal consultation.

Lip Enhancement Procedure

The lip enhancement procedure is performed in the office using topical anesthesia. Other anesthetic options are available if necessary.

"I came to Dr. Greenberg because his office responded to me promptly and because I got to meet with him, not an assistant. Everyone was so accessible. I really appreciate the doctor seeing me yearly. It shows he is confident in what surgery he performed and that he truly cares about his patients."

"I was impressed by Dr. Greenberg’s credentials. From first contact, everything was done very professionally but had a personal touch. I was made to feel like a person instead of just another surgery. I liked Dr. Greenberg immediately. He gave me a lot of information and a lot of time and made me feel comfortable about him doing the surgery."

After Your Lip Enhancement Procedure

Specific wound care instructions will be given, including the use of ice for 24-48 hours to control swelling. Swelling and minor bruising are expected and begin to subside about 48 hours after the procedure. Downtime is dependent on the method of enhancement.

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