If you have been considering facelift surgery, now may be the best time to act. Choosing to have your facelift now allows for plenty of time for recovery before the major holidays, allowing you to look and feel your absolute best during the social, family, and work gatherings that occur as we approach year’s end. If you are interested in learning about your Winter Park facelift options, please call board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Greenberg at 407-644-3137 and schedule your consultation right away.

Facelift Recovery

Following your facelift surgery at our accredited Winter Park plastic surgery center, you will need to allow yourself time to recover. Some swelling, bruising, and discomfort may be present in the first few days, making it important that you take time to rest completely for at least 24-48 hours. After this period, avoiding strenuous activities for an additional two to four weeks is necessary to help guard against both aesthetic and physical complications. Our Orlando plastic surgeon will discuss this with you during your initial consultation to ensure you are fully prepared for the recovery period.

Following your initial recovery, some indication of surgery may remain present in the form of bruising or swelling, though these things will diminish over time. You can speed their disappearance by closely following all pre and postoperative instructions given to you during the planning phase of your procedure.

When performed now, telltale signs of facelift surgery should be all but invisible when the holidays are here, but time is of the essence for optimal results. Please contact Winter Park Plastic Surgery & Laser Center right away to schedule your Winter Park facelift consultation and learn how we can help you reach your goals just in time for end of the year events. Scott Greenberg is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Orlando, Winter Park, and all surrounding areas of Florida.