Are you interested in undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, but not sure what the risks might be?

To help you make the most informed decision possible, we’ve outlined the five risks that are associated with a tummy tuck procedure.

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5 Risks Associated with a Tummy Tuck Procedure

1. Anesthesia risks.

As a tummy tuck requires general anesthesia, there are inherent risks stemming from using this anesthesia. In rare cases, a patient might be allergic to anesthesia and have a reaction; in other cases, a patient may stop breathing or have seizures. Again, these instances are very rare, but it is important to point out that the risk is there.

2. Excess bleeding.

Like with all surgeries, there is a minor risk for excess bleeding while undergoing the abdominoplasty operation. To counteract these risks, you should stop smoking, drinking, and using blood-thinning medications for at least six weeks before your surgery.

3. Infection.

There’s a small risk that you could get an infection during your surgery recovery. That’s why it’s critical to follow your plastic surgeon’s wound-healing advice, especially in the pivotal first week when you’re most at risk.

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4. Scarring.

There is a strong possibility that you could develop scar tissue from your tummy tuck procedure. Most plastic surgeons try to minimize the incision scar as much as possible, but patients should mentally prepare themselves for scarring. If you’re concerned about scar tissue, talk to your plastic surgeon about post-surgery scar treatments.

5. Numbness.

In some rare cases, patients reported numbness at the surgical site, particularly around the incision. This may happen when nerves are damaged during the surgery and usually resolves within a year.

To minimize the odds of encountering these risks during your own tummy tuck procedure, be sure to discuss them with your plastic surgeon during your surgical consultation.

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