A mommy makeover is term that refers to a collection of surgical treatments executed with one procedure. Mommy makeovers allow a woman to transform her body back to it’s pre-baby glory without extensive recovery timelines. 

Since a mommy makeover is customizable to your individual goals, how much you pay will depend on the aspects of your appearance you want to change. For instance, many women choose breast augmentation and tummy tuck but don’t require a breast lift or reduction.

*Individual Results May Vary

Average Mommy Makeover Costs 

The average cost of a mommy makeover is between $9,000* and $20,000*. However, the amount you ultimately wind up paying depends on the particular surgeries in your treatment plan. For instance, the average cost of breast augmentation is around $3,700*, while a breast lift cost runs in the range of $4,600*. Likewise, a tummy tuck is approximately $5,700*, while liposuction is just $3,200*. 

*All of the above figures are averages based primarily upon the surgeons fee. Final cost for each procedure, as well as the mommy makeover as a whole, will also be influenced by anesthesia costs, OR fees, prescriptions, among other factors. 

The best way to find out how much your mommy makeover will cost is to get a quote from Winter Park Surgery. Dr. Scott Greenberg can consult with you about what results you would like and the price you can expect to achieve them. Please note that final prices may differ substantially from those mentioned above.

Mommy Makeover Plans are Customizable!

Mommy makeover plans are customizable. You pick and choose which areas of your body you want to target following childrearing. Most moms get some form of breast surgery, including breast reduction, breast lift, and augmentation. Others get fat removed from their body areas most affected by weight gain using tummy tuck or liposuction.

If you’re unsure which surgeries you should opt for, don’t worry: Dr. Scott Greenbery will consult with you throughout the entire process. The procedure’s goal is to return your body to how it looked before you became a mom. 

Mommy Makeover Consultations Available

Factors That Influence Final Cost

Two main factors influence a mommy makeover’s final cost: the number of treatments you require and their complexity. 

Liposuction, for instance, tends to be much simpler to perform than tummy tuck because it doesn’t involve removing sections of skin. Similarly, non-surgical procedures require fewer stages than operations, which again lowers the cost substantially. 

Other factors also determine the final cost of any surgery you have. Things like the establishment’s quality, the surgeon who operates, and anesthetic expenses can all influence what you pay. 

Mommy Makeover Candidates

The best mommy makeover candidates are healthy patients who do not smoke and want to restore their pre-baby bodies. Moms should also be finished breastfeeding for six months and not plan on having any more children. 

If you are considering a mommy makeover, you should have realistic expectations about what surgery can achieve. You should also prepare to take time out of your regular schedule to recover

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