A double chin is something many of us are insecure about, but Kybella® can help! Kybella® is a treatment that reduces excess submental fullness or double chins without surgery. But how long does the swelling after the injections last?

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What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is a treatment that can slim down the jawline and neck area. It’s great for those who have double chins or excessive fat in this region of their face, as it can help break up these cells over time so they’re naturally removed by your body.

How Long Does Kybella® Swelling Last?

According to Allergan, the company that makes Kybella®, you may experience swelling for up to one month after receiving this injection.

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How Long Does a Kybella® Treatment Take?

Kybella® is a 15-20 minute in-office session that requires multiple injections into specific areas. This treatment takes place over the course of several weeks where patients can expect results after two or three sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart.

What are the Benefits of Kybella®?

The FDA-approved cosmetic treatment Kybella® can help you reduce neck fat, jowls, and contour your neckline with a 15 minutes treatment. It is made from deoxycholic acid which dissolves fat cells under the chin to give a smoothened effect without any downtime.

Am I a Candidate for Kybella®?

If you’re not ready to go under the knife but want a non-invasive way of getting rid of your double chin, Kybella® might be an option. It is minimally invasive and has no downtime after treatment resulting in long-lasting results that are highly effective at increasing self-confidence about one’s appearance.

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