If your breasts sag due to the effects of weight change, pregnancy, or gravity, Dr. Scott Greenberg can restore them to a perkier, younger position. A breast lift can rejuvenate sagging breasts. Your results can last for many years if you follow your surgeon’s instructions and take care of your lifted breasts. 

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a procedure that lifts sagging breasts, removes excess skin, and shapes the breasts into a more pleasing shape. The procedure also resizes and relocates the areolas to rest in the proper position. A breast lift can correct sagging that occurs due to pregnancy, weight loss, or just the effects of genetics and gravity.

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How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

If you plan to have a breast lift, you want to know how long your results will last. The answer will vary depending on many factors. Some people may feel happy with their results for many years, while others may find their skin has continued to sag after a few years. 

Your skin’s natural elasticity comes from genetics, but sun exposure can rapidly damage the collagen and elastin that support your skin, leading to sagging. Supplements and vitamins also offer to increase skin elasticity and overall health. You should also make sure to wear well-fitting bras, especially during physical activity, to support your breasts and minimize the effects of gravity. 

How is a Breast Lift Performed?

A breast lift usually occurs under a general anesthetic to keep you from feeling any discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Scott Greenberg performs breast lift surgery at our in-office accredited surgical facility at Winter Park Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. He will make an incision under the breast that allows him to remove the loose skin. This incision extends around the areola. This can become larger as the breasts sag, so this procedure resizes them to suit your more perky, lifted breast shape. 

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What Results Will I See With a Breast Lift?

You will see results immediately when your bandages come off after surgery. Your breasts will sit higher on your chest and look symmetrical, firm, and youthful. You will notice your results continue to improve for several months as your breasts heal completely and settle into their new position. Incisions may appear red or pink at first, but they will fade and soften over time. 

What is Recovery Like From a Breast Lift?

Most of your discomfort during recovery happens in the first week. You will receive pain medication for a few days, and Dr. Greenberg will advise you on other ways to manage discomfort and minimize swelling. Most people can go back to work after a week or two, depending on the activity level at your job. Bruising, swelling, and soreness should be gone or almost gone by six weeks. 

Dr Greenberg And Staff are Great!! He listens to your preferences and explains procedure in detail from start to finish. I am So pleased with my results.!! Very professional and reassuring. Couldn’t have made a better choice!

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