Are you interested in getting a selfie-ready pout with lip fillers – but not exactly sure if there’s a lot of maintenance involved? Let’s take a look at how long lip fillers really last, including if you’re a good candidate for this popular treatment.

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The Lifetime of a Lip Filler

While lip fillers are comprised of the same hyaluronic acid gel as traditional dermal fillers, the truth is that lip fillers aren’t designed to last as long. While some dermal fillers can last up to twelve months, lip fillers often only last for six months.

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Here’s why: Your lips and mouth are in constant movement. Whether you’re eating, chatting, or singing along to your favorite songs, it’s important for your lips to have their full range of natural movement. Heavy or thick dermal fillers can take away this natural movement by making the lips appear “frozen.” Chances are you’ve probably seen some lip fillers go wrong on some TV shows – when done incorrectly, too much filler can make the lips look like sausages.

That’s why the best lip fillers are ones that contain a more viscous form of hyaluronic acid. This gel can provide you with the volume you’re looking for, without sacrificing your natural lip movements.

Are You a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers?

Are you interested in lip fillers? You’re a good candidate for these injections if you’re self-conscious about the appearance of thinning lips. Lip fillers are also excellent choices for candidates who may have aging lips or “smoker’s lines,” which is a common term for vertical wrinkles that can develop around the mouth.

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