Facial expressions help us communicate with others, but they can also cause our skin to form deep expression lines and creases over time. Relax these expression lines away without losing the facial expressions that make you who you are with Botox®. 

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*Individual Results May Vary

What is Botox®?

Botox® is a form of botulinum toxin. After decades of use in medicine, Botox® has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. When receiving your injections from Dr. Greenberg’s team, you can feel confident knowing that you will achieve a natural, relaxed, youthful look with no “frozen” expressions or facial features. 

How Does Botox® Work?

The neurotoxin in Botox® works by silencing the signals that facial nerves send to the facial muscles. In certain areas, such as crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles between the eyebrows, or creases on the forehead, quieting this muscle activity causes the skin to become smoother. Botox® acts on a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which the nerve uses to tell the muscle to contract. Without signals from the nerves, the muscles start to relax. 

As the muscles relax, they stop pulling the skin into lines and wrinkles. As a result, you can achieve a more youthful and relaxed appearance while still looking natural and maintaining all your normal smiles, frowns, and other expressions. 

Botox® has decades of testing in both medical and cosmetic uses that demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. Botox® can treat everything from muscle spasms to excessive sweating. 

How is Botox® Administered?

Your injection specialist will administer Botox® as a series of injections. They will inject three different areas around each eye for crow’s feet and five areas in total for frown lines and forehead lines. These areas target the specific muscles that create lines and wrinkles without affecting surrounding areas. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for Botox®?

Botox® works safely on almost everyone, so most people are good candidates for this treatment. Botox® works equally well for both men and women and has FDA approval to treat all three primary areas of expression lines. People with certain neuromuscular disorders may not be good candidates. 

Is There Any Downtime with Botox®?

People usually resume all normal activities after Botox®. You may notice some bruising, swelling, or minor soreness in the area of the injection sites, and you should not rub your face for a few hours after treatment. 

What Results Will I See With Botox®?

You will see your lines and wrinkles diminish over the next few days. Your expression lines and wrinkles will become smoother and less visible as the muscles allow the skin to relax. Results normally last about three months, after which you can return to have your results refreshed. 

Dr Greenberg And Staff are Great!! He listens to your preferences and explains procedure in detail from start to finish. I am So pleased with my results.!! Very professional and reassuring. Couldn’t have made a better choice!

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