If you have sagging skin on your arms, it might seem as though it’s impossible to tighten them. Sure, diet and exercise can help you lose fat, but sagging skin is another matter altogether. And despite a number of products on the market claiming to help, you haven’t really been seeing noticeable results.

This frustrating experience might leave you with one big question: “Can I reduce sagging skin on my arms?”

Brachioplasty Winter Park

*Individual Results May Vary

Reduce Sagging Skin with an Arm Lift

An arm lift – more formally known as a brachioplasty – is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin from the upper arms, as well as reposition that skin to contour to your actual arm shape. The arm lift is an excellent choice for candidates who may have lost a considerable amount of weight but haven’t seen the skin snap back due to poor skin laxity.

The arm lift is perhaps one of the fastest and most effective treatments for patients who are tired of dealing with sagging arm skin and want to feel confident about their bodies. In order to qualify for this surgical procedure, you should be a healthy nonsmoker with realistic expectations for your treatment.

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What to Expect From Your Arm Lift

The arm lift procedure is performed outpatient at a surgical center. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon may make small and inconspicuous incisions in the middle part of the upper arm and the armpit. These incisions allow your plastic surgeon to trim away the excess skin while repositioning remaining skin. Some patients may want to include a liposuction treatment during this procedure, as it can help show off results even better. Most patients will require downtime for about one week after the procedure, but final results can start to be seen in as little as three to four months.

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*Individual Results May Vary