During each stage of your life, you will face different obstacles to achieving your best look. However, committing to the right cosmetic surgery at the right time can ensure that you improve your appearance when it is most beneficial to you and can be enjoyed for the longest time after.

During Your Twenties and Thirties

During your twenties and thirties, you will be far less concerned with covering up the signs of aging than you will be with achieving the comfort and confidence you want in your body. At this stage of life, we see a lot of patients who are ready to make subtle changes that make a dramatic difference in how they look and feel. You may be interested in improving your look with:

Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Although you can lose a significant amount of weight at any time during life, many adults undergo a major weight loss transformation as they approach thirty and beyond. While some body types will have more success with skin shrinking back around your thinner form, most patients need some surgical intervention to remove excess skin and fat after a significant weight loss. Dr. Greenberg can help you achieve the final results you’ve worked so hard for with body contouring and body lift procedures.

During Your Forties and Fifties

As you age, the effects of time will begin to show on your face and body. Your metabolism slows down and you may notice some stubborn fat deposits that will not respond to diet and exercise. You also may notice gravity pulling down on your face and body in ways that you really wish it wouldn’t. You will likely be ready to rejuvenate your appearance with plastic surgery procedures, such as:

Undergoing plastic surgery procedures at a younger age can help you maintain your youthful looks for longer.

After Sixty

As you mature, the signs of aging continue to crease your face and introduce sagging into places that were once firm. Our older patients can benefit from many of the same procedures as our younger patients do. Your final results will depend on your unique body composition, but we are confident you will love your more youthful look.

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