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As we age or lose large amounts of weight, the buttock, outer thighs, inner thighs and abdominal areas may sag. This is true for men and women. Clothes no longer fit as well so people tend to hide under larger sizes and, in some cases, stop doing enjoyable activities such as going to the beach. An outer thigh/buttock lift or inner thigh lift is like a facelift for the lower extremities. It may be combined with a tummy tuck, called a body lift, to address both the front, sides and the back of the torso.

Thigh + Buttock and Body Lift Consultation

At the initial consultation, your goals and expectations about the thigh/buttock lift or inner thigh lift surgery will be discussed in detail. An individual decision as to the most appropriate technique(s) to be used will be selected and the advantages of each technique will be discussed. Informational material and discussion will allow you to have a clear understanding of the procedure.

"I was impressed by Dr. Greenberg’s credentials.  From first contact, everything was done very professionally but had a personal touch. I was made to feel like a person instead of just another surgery.  I liked Dr. Greenberg immediately.  He gave me a lot of information and a lot of time and made me feel comfortable about him doing the surgery."
"I was so glad I chose Dr. Greenberg.  I feel he is an excellent surgeon.  The entire experience was so positive for me.  The staff was great,   my questions were answered immediately and the whole surgical team approach lessened my fears." Click here to view more Before & After Images

Thigh/Buttock and Body Lift Procedure

Outer thigh/buttock lift and inner thigh lift procedure may be performed at our accredited in-office surgical facility or at the hospital depending on individual circumstances. An overnight stay is recommended for comfort, safety and convalescence. General anesthesia is required. Incisions are individualized according to each patient's needs.

After Your Thigh/Buttock Lift or Body Lift Surgery

Specific wound care instructions will be given including the use of ice for 24-48 hours to control swelling. Swelling and minor bruising are expected and begin to subside about 48 hours after the body lift procedure.

To learn more about outer thigh/buttock lift and inner thigh lift surgery in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida or to schedule your initial consultation, please call or e-mail Dr. Greenberg today.