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The popular conception has always been that cosmetic surgery was for women.  However, the truth of the matter is that men can also benefit from cosmetic surgery.   More and more men are considering cosmetic surgery as an option to address specific areas of concern including the eyes, brow, face and neck, nose, chest and trunk.  Dr. Greenberg also understands the differences between what women and men want regarding the types of results they are looking for after cosmetic procedures.

Plastic Surgery For Men

As men have become increasingly aware of their appearance, they are dieting and going to the gym in record numbers, but, unfortunately, that is often not enough.  The medical community now believes that as much as 80% of our appearance is determined by genetics rather than by behavioral factors.  This means that no matter how much you work out, there will be some areas of your body that simply cannot be improved.  Many of them can be addressed directly with cosmetic surgery:

Those who are able to accomplish massive weight loss will also probably be interested in Body Contouring After Weight Loss.

Facial procedures are also often a good choice for men looking to improve their appearance.  Options include:

Finally, there are a number of problems that we face as we age that can be corrected through less invasive procedures, some of them specifically masculine problems:

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