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Non-surgical procedures are the hottest thing in plastic surgery. These procedures constitute 80% of all cosmetic surgery/procedures performed and have had a growth rate of over 400% in the last several years. They continue to be the area of largest growth area in the plastic surgery market. This is for several reasons: they are affordable and can be done with a minimum of downtime; as baby boomers age they want to look better but are still very active and may not need surgery yet. Plastic surgery has become more popular with the increase in before and after/makeover TV shows. Technology has followed suit with the development of safer and more effective injectable agents such as fillers, Botox and laser treatments. Our practice offers all of the latest technological advances in non-surgical procedures that we feel are effective, safe and give consistent reliable results.

It is important for patients to understand that these procedures are best done in the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon for several reasons: The first is experience in the particular procedure and the second is to have a consultation to determine which procedures, if any, are appropriate. It may be that a non-surgical procedure will not meet the patients needs or expectations and only a surgeon with experience in all realms of cosmetic treatments (both surgical and non surgical) can determine which of the vast array of treatment options are best for that particular patient.

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