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Male Cosmetic Surgery

A man's face may be the most important part of his self-image. In fact, the majority of really attractive men are known for their distinctly masculine faces. While you may be able to control your weight or your body shape to a degree, your face is a product of heredity and your previous life-experience and there is little that you can do to change it. Until now.

With years of experience, Dr Greenberg knows just Florida Male Cosmetic Surgerywhat it takes to make a man's face look good. Handsome, striking, masculine, trustworthy faces all depend on specific characteristics, characteristics that Dr. Greenberg knows how to maximize. He also understands the difficulties that many men have in making a decision to have cosmetic surgery and the fact that most men want subtle changes rather than dramatic ones. He can restore your face with the balance and proportion to improve your external and self- image in social as well as professional situations.

Eyelid and Facial/Neck Surgery
If your eyes have begun to narrow beneath sagging lids or if you have developed bags under the eyes, you may feel that you look older than you feel or that you look tired. Many men say they feel great and just want to look that way. Eyelid Surgery or brow lift surgery may help restore you to looking as good as you feel. Dr. Greenberg can help you decide which procedure would be best for you.

If you used to have a strong jaw line, but have recently lost it to sagging jowls, or if you have developed deep creases in your face or excess skin in the face or neck, the best solution may be a facelift or neck lift.

Strong Chin
One of the dominant characteristics of the masculine face is the chin. Whether you have always had a weak or receding chin or if you have recently decided that you would like to improve it, Dr. Greenberg can help.

If you have never had a strong chin, one of the best solutions is Chin Augmentation. Chin augmentation utilizes an implant to give your face a greater sense of balance, proportion and strength.

On the other hand, perhaps your problem is not a small chin, but too much surrounding fat in the neck. Liposuction can remove those problem fat deposits.

The Center of the Face

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) is the most popular cosmetic surgery among men. The nose is the center of your face, and if it is abnormally large, misshapen, or off-balance, whether as a result of genetics or a broken nose from trauma, a rhinoplasty can give you a nose that looks better on your face.

Combating Age

Many men are still not quite comfortable with the idea of cosmetic surgery or don't have the time for a recovery period. Instead, there are many non-invasive things you can do to keep looking young. An effective, easy skin care program may be the simplest thing to do to rejuvenate your face. Enhance the effects of the skin care program with no-downtime microdermabrasion treatments that help remove fine wrinkles and sun damage. For deeper wrinkles, Soft tissue fillers or Botox injections may be the ideal solution. Finally, spider veins, sun damage, and some scarring can be reduced with photo rejuvenation.

No matter what, your face will govern your ability to make an impression. Subtle changes can make big impressions. Dr. Greenberg can help you with the decisions to restore you to looking and feeling your best. Contact Dr. Greenberg today to schedule your initial consultation.

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