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Many patients travel to Winter Park and Orlando, Florida to have cosmetic surgery and other procedures by board certified plastic surgeon Scott Greenberg, M.D. Orlando is a wonderful destination for family members to accompany patients and many patients come here for procedures because they already have family here who can help them during the recovery period. Our office commonly takes care of patients from all over the world. Dr. Greenberg personally communicates extensively with patients about their goals and desires prior to surgery and extensively reviews their personal medical history. Many times electronic photographs can be used in the communication process and a general plan is developed. Finances and other arrangements are also extensively discussed by our staff with the understanding that both the medical procedure and finances may need to be adjusted once the patient arrives and Dr. Greenberg is able to do a physical examination to determine exactly what is required. Many times, preoperative laboratory examinations can be done where the patient lives and then sent to Dr. Greenberg for review. Usually, the patient is asked to stay locally for a period of time necessary to make sure that all is well prior to returning home.

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