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December 27, 2017

New Year New YouThe turning of the new year is a natural time to evaluate what life goals you have achieved and what is left to check off the list this year. As the clock turns to 2018, it may be the right time for you to finally pursue the body of your dreams.

At Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical options to help you look your best.

Surgical Options

When you are ready to fine-tune your body with surgical procedures, Dr. Greenberg offers safe and effective options. Whether you are a new mother looking to reclaim your pre-pregnancy body with a mommy makeover, or a man who is tired of hiding his enlarged breasts under a shirt, we can help you select the right procedure to achieve your goals.

Non-Surgical Options

When you aren’t ready for plastic surgery, but still want to lessen the signs of aging that have begun to creep into your appearance, you can find dramatic results from our non-surgical choices. From microneedling to medi-spa facials, we offer our patients a wide array of skin care and injectable options, such as Botox Cosmetic.

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Would you like to learn more about how plastic surgery can help you achieve your goals for 2018?

Call Dr. Scott A. Greenberg today at 407-982-4391 to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about your cosmetic surgery options. We welcome patients throughout the Orlando area and from across the nation.  

October 31, 2017

Are you wondering if breast augmentation is right for you, right now? Experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Greenberg can help you decide if this cosmetic procedure is the right way to look and feel your best. During your consultation, we will discuss all aspects of breast enhancement with you:

  • Health candidacy
  • Compatibility with your goals
  • Cost and financing
  • How long the entire process will take
  • How long your results will last
  • What your results will look like
  • How your results will fit with your lifestyle

We want you to feel confident about any choice you make, and we provide the answers and clear information you need in order to make an informed decision.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Greenberg in Winter Park, FL, please call our office at 407-982-4391.

September 25, 2017

Best Plastic Surgery for Your Life StageDuring each stage of your life, you will face different obstacles to achieving your best look. However, committing to the right cosmetic surgery at the right time can ensure that you improve your appearance when it is most beneficial to you and can be enjoyed for the longest time after.

During Your Twenties and Thirties

During your twenties and thirties, you will be far less concerned with covering up the signs of aging than you will be with achieving the comfort and confidence you want in your body. At this stage of life, we see a lot of patients who are ready to make subtle changes that make a dramatic difference in how they look and feel. You may be interested in improving your look with:

Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Although you can lose a significant amount of weight at any time during life, many adults undergo a major weight loss transformation as they approach thirty and beyond. While some body types will have more success with skin shrinking back around your thinner form, most patients need some surgical intervention to remove excess skin and fat after a significant weight loss. Dr. Greenberg can help you achieve the final results you’ve worked so hard for with body contouring and body lift procedures.

During Your Forties and Fifties

As you age, the effects of time will begin to show on your face and body. Your metabolism slows down and you may notice some stubborn fat deposits that will not respond to diet and exercise. You also may notice gravity pulling down on your face and body in ways that you really wish it wouldn’t. You will likely be ready to rejuvenate your appearance with plastic surgery procedures, such as:

Undergoing plastic surgery procedures at a younger age can help you maintain your youthful looks for longer.

After Sixty

As you mature, the signs of aging continue to crease your face and introduce sagging into places that were once firm. Our older patients can benefit from many of the same procedures as our younger patients do. Your final results will depend on your unique body composition, but we are confident you will love your more youthful look.

Call Dr. Greenberg Today for Your Consultation

Are you ready to find out which plastic surgery procedure is right for you right now in your life? There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to plastic surgery. To understand what results you can expect during your current life stage, you should meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Call Dr. Scott A. Greenberg today at 407-982-4391 to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about all of your cosmetic surgery options. Dr. Greenberg is happy to answer your questions and address your concerns during your consultation. We want to you feel educated and confident in the cosmetic surgery choices you make. We welcome patients throughout the Orlando area and from across the nation.  


August 04, 2017

Breast reduction provides our Florida patients long-lasting results. For women, breast reduction can alleviate back and shoulder pain and leave you with smaller, well-proportioned breasts for your figure. For men, gynecomastia can alleviate the embarrassment of living with enlarged breasts.long lasting breast reduction results

Breast reduction permanently removes excess fat and tissue from the breast region; however, some factors can alter your results over time:

  • Weight gain. Gaining weight will add fullness back to your breasts and may require additional surgery to remedy.
  • Weight loss. Losing weight can cause breast tissue to sag. For women, you may want to consider a breast lift after a significant weight loss in order to return your breasts to a more youthful position.
  • Pregnancy. The shape of your breasts will change during your pregnancy and may result in sagging and a loss in volume. A mommy makeover can help you restore your pre-motherhood body.
  • Hormonal changes. Other hormonal changes due to age or certain medications can affect the shape and consistency of your breasts.

Would you like to learn more about how breast reduction can improve your appearance? Call Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center today at 407-982-4391 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Scott Greenberg. We welcome clients throughout Orlando, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas of Florida. 

July 27, 2017

If you have been staring at your latest Instagram pictures thinking that your profile might look better with a different nose, there are a few things you should consider.

  1. There is no perfect nose. Although Kate Middleton may seem like she has it, the truth is you might look quite strange with her nose or anyone else’s. The goal of rhinoplasty is not to give you a perfect nose. The goal of a great nose reshaping surgery is to balance your nose with your features and provide a new, more flattering definition to your facial appearance.No perfect nose, but your best nose
  2. You need to plan for recovery time. Although with modern surgical techniques, your nose surgery is as comfortable and quick as possible, you will still need time to recover. Your body takes time to heal, and in the case of rhinoplasty, you will need to take about a week away from work for your initial recovery and be prepared to see a swollen nose in the mirror for a few weeks. Most swelling will subside within the first 2-4 weeks, but your final results can take a few months. Be patient. It’s worth the wait.
  3. Manage your expectations for the most satisfying results. It is important to talk honestly with your plastic surgeon about your goals for nose surgery and what changes to your appearance are realistic to accomplish with surgery. Your genetics and your basic nasal structure limit the degree of change that is possible. Knowing what to expect before surgery can help you love your results!

Are you ready to learn more about how rhinoplasty can help you achieve your best look? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Scott Greenberg today at our Winter Park practice. Arrange your appointment today by calling Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 407-982-4391. We welcome clients throughout Orlando, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas of Florida. 

June 05, 2017

Best breast implant options for youWhen you are deciding to undergo breast augmentation, choosing the best implant options can seem like a daunting task once you understand how many options are available to you today.

At Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Winter Park, we are dedicated to helping our patients make the best choices about their breast implants so that they truly love their results. During your complimentary breast augmentation consultation, we will help you understand your options and answer your questions so you can make informed decisions about your breast implants.

Before your consultation, you will want to begin thinking about these factors:

  • Breast implant size
  • Breast implant fill type
  • Breast implant shape
  • Breast implant projection
  • Breast implant texture

Each factor can subtly change the look and feel of your implants to affect your final results. We will help you understand the pros and cons of each choice, such as what type of implant projection will produce the most natural result with your body shape.

Are you ready to discover which breast implant options are best for you? Let us help you explore your options and achieve your personal beauty goals. Call Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center today at 407-982-4391 to schedule your complimentary breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Scott Greenberg. We welcome clients throughout Orlando, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas of Florida. 

May 27, 2017

How much does breast augmentation costAt Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, we understand that one of your questions concerning breast augmentation is exactly what your costs will be. The short answer is that breast augmentations costs can vary depending on the specific options you choose for your procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. Greenberg will review all of your options, including choice of implant style, implant size, and implant placement. We will discuss the fees you can expect for surgery, any necessary laboratory tests, post-surgery medications, and follow-up appointments. We will give you a complete written estimate of all fees and costs associated with your procedure so that you have an accurate picture of your total costs for breast augmentation. In addition, we will your questions about all of the payment options available to you to make your plastic surgery an affordable reality today.

Would you like to learn more about the specific costs of breast augmentation based on your individual needs and goals? Schedule your complimentary breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Scott Greenberg today at our Winter Park practice. Arrange your appointment today by calling Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 407-982-4391. We welcome clients throughout Orlando, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas of Florida. 

April 25, 2017

Skin Care Tips for Springtime in Winter Park FLSpringtime in the Orlando area means the temps are heating up and the rainy season is soon to come. Humidity is rising. So what can you do to revamp your skin care routine for spring? Here are a few tips:

  • Encourage cell turnover: Whisk away the dead skin cells to encourage a rejuvenated, vibrant look. Use an exfoliating cleanser 1-3 times a week. Microdermabrasion is a great way to remove the surface layer of dead, polluted skin cells and to stimulate blood flow to the outer layer of skin.
  • Use a lighter moisturizer: Because springtime in Florida is not as dry as the winter, you don't need the same heavy moisturizers. Lighter moisturizers will prevent clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Cleanse gently: Oil production will increase as the climate gets hotter and more humid. Consider using a gentle cleanser that is designed to reduce oil. But you may want to use this only a few times a week – be careful not to strip your skin of protective oils.
  • Peel away impurities: A chemical peel reveals radiant, fresh skin. Our experienced aesthetician can help you choose a peel tailored to your skin.
  • Protect your skin from springtime rays: SPF protection is important all year-round. Remember to use an SPF-rated moisturizer or sunscreen if you plan to be outside for an extended amount of time.

And as always, taking care of your body affects the appearance of your skin. Remember to eat antioxidant-rich foods (vegetables, fruit, leafy greens, nuts, seeds), get 7-9 hours of sleep each night and exercise regularly.

Want to find out how we can tailor skin care services to your needs and goals? Please schedule a consultation at our Winter Park practice to learn more. Arrange your appointment today by calling Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 407-982-4391. 

March 22, 2017

Occurring in approximately 0.01% of all augmentation patients, ALCL is am extremely rare form of cancer that can be treated best when caught early on. Call 407-982-4391 to learn moreThe FDA announced on March 21st that a link has been discovered between breast implants and ALCL, an extremely rare form of cancer. Occurring in approximately 0.01% of women who have undergone breast augmentation, this type of cancer is marked by swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and backache – all issues that should be brought to the attention of board-certified Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Greenberg should they occur following placement of your implants. When caught in its earliest stages, ALCL is often treatable simply by removing the breast implant and surrounding capsule, though some case may require chemotherapy or radiation therapy to fully treat.

There are risks associated with any plastic surgery procedure. Risks of developing ALCL following breast augmentation is among them, but is so rare as to hardly warrant a mention. However, because we believe that women deserve to have full information about the risks and benefits of their chosen procedure, Dr. Greenberg will be happy to discuss, openly and honestly, ALCL and all other potential complications during your initial consultation. Having this information allows you to make the decision you feel is best for your body, your needs, and your life.

Is it possible to develop cancer following breast augmentation? Yes. Is it likely? No. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be a consideration, particularly for women with a family history of rare cancers. During your initial consultation Dr. Greenberg will review your medical history, discuss the risks and benefits of breast augmentation, and help you determine if the procedure is a good fit for your needs.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation at our Winter Park, Florida plastic surgery office, please contact Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center today. Dr. Greenberg serves the city of Orlando and all surrounding areas.

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March 08, 2017

Three facial rejuvenation procedures – rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and facelift – were among the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in 2016. While nose surgery and eyelid lift remained at the number three and four spots respectively, facelift had been edged out of the top five by abdominoplasty in 2015. 2016 marks its return to the top five, with a 4% increase over the previous year.

Facelift, eyelid surgery, and nose jobs all made the list of 2016’s most popular plastic surgery procedures. To learn what these procedures can do for you, call 407-982-4391Some speculate that the increase in facial rejuvenation procedures is linked to social media and the growing popularity of selfies. However, individual reasons for seeking plastic surgery are often more complex than that. If you are unhappy with your appearance and are interested in learning what plastic surgery can do for you, please call our Winter Park office at 407-982-4391 to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon today.

The top five plastic surgery procedures performed in 2016 were:

  1. Breast Augmentation
  2. Liposuction
  3. Rhinoplasty
  4. Blepharoplasty
  5. Facelift

Liposuction saw the biggest increase with 6% growth over 2015. Nose reshaping and eyelid surgery both saw a 2% increase. Breast augmentation, which has been the most popular procedure for several years running, increased by 4%.

Dr. Greenberg offers a complete selection of breast, body, and facial rejuvenation procedures at our Winter Park cosmetic surgery facility. Working with each patient individually, Dr. Greenberg takes time to carefully plan and perform these procedures for the most desirable outcomes. If you are considering plastic surgery in the Orlando area, please contact us online to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you reach all of your aesthetic goals.

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