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We know that BBL Fotofacial treatments are a great way to rejuvenate photodamaged and aging skin. But what do you do after your skin has been improved to keep it that way?  What if there were a treatment that could slow down the aging clock and keep you forever young?  What about a procedure for younger patients that will help delay the aging process?

Scientific evidence demonstrates regular maintenance treatments using Forever Young BBL functionally rejuvenates skin and delays skin aging.  Patients who maintain a regular regimen of BBL treatments annually can reduce and delay the long term signs of skin aging in a way that looks very natural.

Evidence for Prevention of Skin Aging With Forever Young BBL

  • BBL–treated skin appears healthier and more youthful than untreated skin. 
  • ALL patients, no matter what age, experience the antiaging benefits of BBL
  • BBL–treated skin continues to appear healthier and more youthful in those receiving regular maintenance treatments
  • The beneficial effects of BBL are seen on skin anywhere on the body
  • Minimal downtime, risks and side effects

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